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Today's business demands relational information systems that can be shared over private networks or the Web. Gathering the data needed to populate any single information base is hard work for one individual or the small teams of dedicated personnel that most companies assign to the task of Database Management. Organizations need to take proactive steps to stay on top of constantly changing information.

Businesses learn that as they grow, their admin information efforts expand proportionate to that growth. Your software, information capture design and the data fields need to keep up with the changes that accompany dynamic growth in any company.

A Typical Market Outreach Project will Need to Organize Data Gathered Through any or all of these Methods:
Inbound Telemarketing
  • Direct marketing or advertsing response
  • Appointment setting
  • Seminar, conference and event registration
  • Requests for information
Outbound Telemarketing
  • Telephone lead generation
  • List Management
Why Should my Company Outsource its Database Management tasks?

Most businesses find that the costs and disadvantages involved in creating a permanent in-house call center dedicated to these tasks outweigh the benefits. Hiring call center workers and allocating the space for a short or long term project can be a challenge for a growing company with office overcrowding. Purchasing or renting extra equipment and supplies for these purposes may be more expensive than a growing company's sales and marketing budget can handle. In-house call centers can be noisy and disruptive to surrounding departments. Using unskilled or questionable temporary workers to staff a special project may yield mixed results at best.

Contracting with a professional telemarketing firm for all types of projects offers easily implemented, reasonable and affordable solutions for outbound and inbound telephone, client, and list management. 1-800 We Answer handles many day-to-day data administration and other organizational matters with finesse, from the initial project design through project implementation.

We Create Easy, Affordable Database Management Solutions

1-800 We Answer will work with you during every step of creating customizable Database Management support and every phase of implementation. We’ll design a solution that works for your project that delivers lists and timely reports in formats that can easily be imported into your company's existing database. Our customer service representatives will seamlessly keep your sales staff and field agents up to date and on top of their client’s information.

1-800 We Answer Offers
  • No long term contracts - A three month trial period will demonstrate our value to your business
  • Free script generation
  • A consistently professional telephone image that you can rely on
  • New leads qualification, assessment, and transfer
  • Competitive Pricing

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