Eyebrow Mascara You Must Have – Eye makeup is usually one of the main concerns for every beauty enthusiast because it can produce a good image and shape the face. One of them is the eyebrows, in this section women are even willing to spend longer time to get perfect results.

Eyebrow Mascara You Must Have

So, so that the eyebrows that have been painstakingly made are not useless and easy to lose, it’s a good idea to apply eyebrow mascara or eyebrow mascara as well. The function of eyebrow mascara itself is to fill in the voids of the eyebrows, create the illusion of thicker and longer (tapering) eyebrows, and most importantly can keep the color or shape of the eyebrows on fleek throughout the day.

So, are you curious to know what are the newest eyebrow mascara recommendations from PT Sung Shim International? Check out this article now!

  1. L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Tinted Waterproof Brow Gel

Make your look more perfect with the all-in-one product, L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Tinted Waterproof Brow Gel. The formula of this product is in a gel form, so it can shape eyebrows, fill in and make them last longer with a natural intense color.

Formulated with a waterproof polymer material, this product is effective for sealing the pigment in the eyebrow hair so that it doesn’t fade easily. No half-hearted, L’Oreal Paris Unbelieva-Brow Tinted Waterproof Brow Gel has 5 color variants that you can have, namely brunette, black, blonde, light brunette, and dark brunette.

  1. Inez Volumizer Eyebrow Mascara

Perfect for you, the owner of thin eyebrows, this Inez Volumizer browcara product can be a solution for you! Having the advantage of making eyebrows look thicker, brow mascara has a creamy texture that is enriched with antioxidant vitamins A and vitamin E, as well as natural oils such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Purple Viper’s and also Bugloss Seed Oil.

In addition, Inez Volumizer Eyebrow Mascara has 2 colors, namely almond 01 and deep brown 02, which you can choose according to your taste. How to use it is also quite easy, first, ladies, frame your eyebrows and fill in your eyebrows first, then brush your eyebrow hair with an eyebrow mascara volumizer product.

  1. Luxcrime On Fleek Browcara

Just launched at the end of 2020, local brand Luxcrime now has a mascara eyebrow to complete their makeup line. Named Luxcrime On Fleek Browcara, this eyebrow mascara formulation is like a gel that has the function of smoothing, filling and shaping eyebrows according to the desired on fleek appearance.

The claim itself of this product is, smudge-proof, natural looking and longlasting formula which is equipped with a small and sleek brush, to make it easier for you to apply the product and lock the look of your eyebrows all day long! This browser has 3 color variants that you can choose from, namely Browcara Woody, Browcara Mocha, and Browcara Crystalline.

The size of this product is also very mini, so it fits perfectly into a makeup pouch and can be taken on trips. So, from the eyebrow mascara recommendations mentioned above, which one are you interested in?

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