Tips for getting around the makeup behind the mask – Masks inevitably become part of the fashion element in this new normal era. Because they cover half of the face, masks often make the appearance feel lousy. In fact, wearing a mask is no excuse for not being able to perform optimally.

Tips for getting around the makeup behind the mask

Here are some tips for getting around the makeup behind a mask that you can follow, let’s look at the explanation Tips for getting around the makeup behind the mask.

  1. Use Cushion

Even though you use a mask, it’s a good idea to keep using foundation or commonly known as foundation. Many vloggers recommend choosing a medium coverage or a light foundation. Apart from using foundation, you can also use a cushion that is much lighter.

Foundation and cushion have a function to cover spots, blemishes, acne scars, and also control the oil content in the skin. Avoid full coverage foundations. The skin will be more difficult to breathe because it is covered with foundations and masks. If you use a full coverage foundation, it will make your skin experience breakout or large pimples on the skin.

  1. Use False Eyelashes To Beautify The Eyes

We cannot deny that attractive eye appearance is supported by the condition of long and curved lashes. The use of false lashes can enhance your appearance, as long as the fake eyelash glue is of good quality, it will make your lashes last all day long.

The quality of the false lashes that you use also has to be considered, so that you don’t want to use fake lashes that are of poor quality. One of the eyelashes manufacturer indonesia or manufacturers of false lashes that produces the best quality false lashes is PT. Sung Shim International.

This eyelashes manufacturer PT Sung Shim International not only produces false lashes, but also produces excellent quality eyelash glue. Don’t worry about quality, because the lashes and eyelash glue that we produce are highly guaranteed. There are two brands that we have produced, namely LUMI Eyelashes and MASKI Eyelashes.

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  1. Trim the eyebrows

Of course, the eyebrows should not go away from attention, even some women believe that the appearance of eyebrows on fleek is the most important part compared to other facial elements. The choice of color used to draw eyebrows is no less important to note, to align eyebrow color with hair color. If you have black hair, go for a black eyebrow pencil. However, the safest option is a dark brown color. This color can blend with any hair color and Indonesian skin which tends to be olive or tan.

  1. Define the Eyes with Eyeliner

Eyeliner or so-called line polish can emphasize the appearance of the eye, the thickness of the eyeliner must also be considered. Adjust the thickness of the eyeliner polish with the width of the eyelids. If you have large enough eyelids, you can apply a slightly thick eyeliner until your eyes are perfectly framed.

  1. Use Eyeshadow

You can also apply color to the lids using eyeshadow. Eyeshadow has a color color that is safe to use in a variety of situations or activities. If you use makeup from morning to night, there are tips you can follow. Apply soft color in the morning to all parts of the eyelids. Add a darker color element to the back corner in the evening. These little tricks can change the look without much effort.

  1. Choose a matte finish lipstick

Using a mask can make you want it or not to use lipstick with a cool finish. Before using this type of lipstick, it’s a good idea to use a lip balm or lip balm to avoid dry and peeling seeds.

In this new normal era, it is very important for all of us as women to maintain our appearance, especially the makeup used. Hopefully the tips we provide above can be of use to all of you. If any of you are interested in using false lashes produced by eyelashes manufacturer PT. Sung Shim International You can directly contact us via the Whatsapp icon that has been listed.