Habits that Make Eyelashes Thinning – Curl lashes greatly affect the overall appearance of the face. With curled lashes showing a fresh look. But not all women have naturally curled lashes.

Habits that Make Eyelashes Thinning

Don’t worry! You can use several products such as mascara, fake lashes, to lash extensions. Even though they give the appearance of slick lashes, of course these three products also provide side effects for lash development.

In some people, the eyelashes tend to thin and even fall out. Apart from these products, the thinning of the lashes is also influenced by some bad habits, as reported by Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia. What kind of bad habits?

  1. Rub the eyes

Rubbing your eyes too vigorously will pull on the lashes, causing them to fall out. When the lashes grow back for a long time, it will lead to thinning of the lashes. In addition, because the under-eye area is quite sensitive, constant rubbing also causes premature wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Always use mascara

Indeed, mascara makes lashes look more voluminous and curvier. Especially if you use mascara with a waterproof formula. However, the danger doesn’t just come from the chemical ingredients in mascara. However, the habit of cleaning mascara by rubbing also has a bad impact on lash growth.

  1. Using the wrong cleaner

There are many different types of cleansers to remove makeup and grime. Never use harsh facial cleansers or face wash to remove makeup on the eyes. To make lashes strong and beautiful, use a makeup remover that is specifically for the eyes. This type of cleanser is very light on the skin and does not require too much scrubbing.

  1. Wrong makeup habits

The habit of using makeup carelessly does not only affect the lashes but also the entire face. Especially for lashes, make sure to use good quality mascara. Any mascara will only create lumps on the lashes which are also harmful to the eyes. In addition, never sleep while still using eye makeup. Eye makeup that is used too long also has a negative impact on the root of the lashes.

Avoid rubbing your lashes while using mascara. Not only do you damage mascara, you also damage your lashes at the same time Do not use expired mascara products and replace mascara every three months.

  1. The wrong diet

Lack of vitamins and minerals during diet can also be the reason why your lashes are thinning. Your body doesn’t have enough nutrients to grow lashes. Make sure you keep eating foods that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Maybe that’s all the information we can convey to all of you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of you. Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer site to get a variety of other interesting information.